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News & Events

Devin Longmore Joined Fortis Groep Worldwide

June 1, 2021 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep  is proud to announce that Mr.Devin Longmore is joing Fortis Groep  as Senior Vice-President for Business Development effective immediately

Ben Matteucci of Zima Marketing Joined Fortis Groep Worldwide

April 1, 2021 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep  is proud to announce that Mr.Ben Matteucci is joing Fortis Groep as an equity partner and as Manging Director for Marketing and Sales effective immediately

Jim Badzin of former Factory Motor Parts Inc. is joining Fortis Groep

May 21, 2019 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep NV is proud to announce that Mr. Jim Badzin is joing Fortis Groep as an equity partner and as Manging Director for Ivestor Relations effective immediately

Fortis Groep Strategic Acquisition

As of January 15, 2016 Fortis Groep have managed to resolve a serious breaktrough in the development of sustainable high rises by acquiring high interest in American Energy Glass, a U.S. based company that manufactures electric energy producing glass.

Sustainable Structures and Fortis Groep

As of June 20, 2014 Fortis Groep of comapnies will ONLY develop structures  with the maximum level of sustainability 

Fortis Groep

New Offices Oppened 


As of February 26, 2014 we proudly announce the opening of our Dubai Office. Our Managing Director Mr. Ertan Bayar will manage the office and be in charge of all activities for the region. 


We proudly announce the opening of our Middle East and North Africa Headquarters in Istanbul. Our Managing Director Mr. Ertan Bayar will manage the office and be in charge of all activities for the region as well as Western Europe. 

New Strategic Partner Joins Fortis Groep

We proudly announce the Join Venture with Argas S.A. in Buenos Aires for the development of a 1,800 tons per day Municipal Solid Waste total processing plant. Construction is expected to begin in 2014.

SOFI Systems Joins Fortis Groep

Fortis Groep concludes the joint venture agreement with SOFI Systems, a BIM (Building Information Management) U.S. Based company. SOFI System is a high power, facility management system


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Fortis Groep: Outstanding Experience

Fortis Groep was created by the merger of Concorde Gruppe GmbH and Proserv Impex 94. 

Concorde Gruppe GmbH began its operations in 1994 under the name East, West, South LTD. as a corporate consulting firm advised US and Latin American Corporation on Issues related to Corporate Finance, Treasury Management, Multi Currency Financing, Asset Liability Management, Real Estate Merchant Banking, Land acquisition and Real Estate Development; in 2001 the company reorganized and recapitalized as a Florida LLC under the name of Compagnie Financière du Conseil D’Investissement. As of January 2002 it expanded its services to include Investment Banking and Asset Management. By the end of the first quarter 2002 the company forged a strategic alliance with World Leisure GmbH in order to develop and advise development on several world projects.  

Proserv Impex 94 was open in 1994 as well; main focus of the company was to capitalize on the fastest economic advancement of Eastern European states. First line of business was the importation of construction materials into Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Soon after, the principals of the company all engineers with considerable experience in the construction and logistics, were requested to co-develop or build Real Estate and Infrastructure projects in Eastern Europe, Eurasia and North Africa.


In 2013 the two companies decided to merge in order to access larger world projects

Fortis Groep follows four main principles, which are the foundation of our success:


Independence - Fairness - Competence - Confidentiality


Find out how these core values have helped many of our clients achieve lasting success for their businesses.


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Our principles

We relentlessly research, analyze all sustainable development solutions, creating real results, measurable in terms of profitability, sustainability and qualityalways with transparency and focus on sustainable governance of client's business.

Our Vision

We have the vision necessary to reconstruct, refurbish and restore vitality to single, multi-family and commercial properties.

Our management possesses a unique ability to awaken the potential within a property by nurturing the already existent positive ultimately maximizing its value.

We adhere to conservative Macro and Micro Real Estate fundamentals, thorough analysis is paramount, nevertheless we are not bound by convention, as such, allow ourselves the freedom to discover underdeveloped potential and enhance it for the benefit of delivering exceptional results.

We devise and execute business strategies tailored to each project with respect to demographics and the current and projected economic climates.

Our Mission

To provide highest quality services using innovative, advanced, green technological means.
Fulfill our objectives by bringing honesty, integrity, and passion into play.
Surpass the expectation of our investor-partners, while following the highest of industry standards.
Surpass all expectations of our end-user.
Be the market leader by staying ahead of the curve, and having integrity at the core of every decision we make.
Create win-win situations for both our investor-partners and the communities in which our properties are located.