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News & Events

Fortis Groep names Roy Tanner as Managing Director

May 26, 2017 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep NV has named Mr. Roy Tanner as Group Managing Director worldwide. Mr. Tanner will manage the finances for the company worldwide operations effective immediately

Fortis Groep Increases Structures Efficiency

June 15, 2016 -Wellington, Fl

Fortis Groep and Escue Energy signs strategic partnership agreement with Facility One Technologies, LED Industry, FIO Group and WII to maximize digital intelligence gathering while maximixe structure efficiency and lower maintenance management

Fortis Groep Strategic Partnership

February 1, 2016 - Pompano Beach, Fl

Fortis Groep signs strategic partnership agreement with Concept by US. The company will supply Fortis Groep power storage and smart power manangement systems for the projects that Fortis Groep will develop.

Fortis Groep Strategic Acquisition

As of January 15, 2016 Fortis Groep have managed to resolve a serious breaktrough in the development of sustainable high rises by acquiring high interest in American Energy Glass, a U.S. based company that manufactures electric energy producing glass.

Fortis Groep Strategic Partnership

December 1, 2015 - Miami

Fortis Groep signs strategic partnership agreement with Escue Energy (ESCU). Escue Energy will provide EPC services, among other servies, for all sustainable energy projects that Fortis Groep will develop.

Sustainable Structures and Fortis Groep

As of June 20, 2014 Fortis Groep of comapnies will ONLY develop structures  with the maximum level of sustainability 

Fortis Groep

New Offices Oppened 


As of February 26, 2014 we proudly announce the opening of our Dubai Office. Our Managing Director Mr. Ertan Bayar will manage the office and be in charge of all activities for the region. 


We proudly announce the opening of our Middle East and North Africa Headquarters in Istanbul. Our Managing Director Mr. Ertan Bayar will manage the office and be in charge of all activities for the region as well as Western Europe. 

New Strategic Partner Joins Fortis Groep

We proudly announce the Join Venture with Argas S.A. in Buenos Aires for the development of a 1,800 tons per day Municipal Solid Waste total processing plant. Construction is expected to begin in 2014.

WII Joins Fortis Groep

Fortis Groep concludes the joint venture agreement with WII, a BIM (Building Information Management) U.S. Based company. WII is a high power facility management system


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Our Guiding Principles

At Fortis Groep, we are dedicated to innovative problem-solving solution to fit specific needs.

A clear set of principles and values have allowed us to readily adapt to the constant changes occuring in the market today.

Sustainable solutions are our expert advise in todays world where we can achieve maximum results with implementation of newest technologies.


Fortis Groep is guided by these core principles:

  • Independence
    We maintain independence from third parties, especially when decisions about suppliers or other vendors need to be made


  • Objectivity
    Our decision process takes into account all opportunities and risks


  • Competence
    We only act in areas in which we have proven expertise


  • Confidentiality
    We treat all the information processed with the utmost confidentiality


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