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News & Events

Devin Longmore Joined Fortis Groep Worldwide

June 1, 2021 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep  is proud to announce that Mr.Devin Longmore is joing Fortis Groep  as Senior Vice-President for Business Development effective immediately

Ben Matteucci of Zima Marketing Joined Fortis Groep Worldwide

April 1, 2021 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep  is proud to announce that Mr.Ben Matteucci is joing Fortis Groep as an equity partner and as Manging Director for Marketing and Sales effective immediately

Jim Badzin of former Factory Motor Parts Inc. is joining Fortis Groep

May 21, 2019 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep NV is proud to announce that Mr. Jim Badzin is joing Fortis Groep as an equity partner and as Manging Director for Ivestor Relations effective immediately

Fortis Groep Strategic Acquisition

As of January 15, 2016 Fortis Groep have managed to resolve a serious breaktrough in the development of sustainable high rises by acquiring high interest in American Energy Glass, a U.S. based company that manufactures electric energy producing glass.

Sustainable Structures and Fortis Groep

As of June 20, 2014 Fortis Groep of comapnies will ONLY develop structures  with the maximum level of sustainability 

Fortis Groep

New Offices Oppened 


As of February 26, 2014 we proudly announce the opening of our Dubai Office. Our Managing Director Mr. Ertan Bayar will manage the office and be in charge of all activities for the region. 


We proudly announce the opening of our Middle East and North Africa Headquarters in Istanbul. Our Managing Director Mr. Ertan Bayar will manage the office and be in charge of all activities for the region as well as Western Europe. 

New Strategic Partner Joins Fortis Groep

We proudly announce the Join Venture with Argas S.A. in Buenos Aires for the development of a 1,800 tons per day Municipal Solid Waste total processing plant. Construction is expected to begin in 2014.

SOFI Systems Joins Fortis Groep

Fortis Groep concludes the joint venture agreement with SOFI Systems, a BIM (Building Information Management) U.S. Based company. SOFI System is a high power, facility management system


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Real Estate Development


Fortis Groep professionals have more than two hundred years experience combined in all aspects
of development, financing, marketing and construction to their credit.
 We create our projects one at a time, meticulously hand-picking every detail with a critical eye born from a lifetime of perfectionism. Our  commitment to excellence, sustainability, innovation and responsible
development identifies our firm as one of the country's top firms when it comes to leading-edge design, construction, quality, and added value to surrounding neighborhood.




We constantly identify profitable, high yeld opportunity areas for development with the ultimate scope to  help a location reach its maximum potential. Acquisition occurs after we specifically analyzed all aspects of the opportunity by Traditional as well as most advanced Modern Analysis, based on the results we proceed to a Strategic Acquisition, Partnership with existing Stake Holders or and Option/Lease Based. 

Our executive-level expertise continuously  enable us to lead the way in new construction, adaptive re-use, historic restoration, residential, hospitality, mixed-use, commercial, and many other areas of real estate development.

Our development team is master of working with city and community officials, communicating with architects and planners, and coordinating the hundreds of people and tasks necessary to bring architectural drawings to reality.


Minimal Costs due to system employed

65% faster process

R-48 heat exchange rating (building overall)

Steel Structure 100 year guaranteed

Geopolimer crete


Flooring on top of trusses

Interior closing

Environmental Foam Insulation-all walls

Tank less water heater


280 PSI


90%less UV

HVAC-High Velocity Air Conditioning/Heat

UNICO- 65% higher efficiency

Marketing and Sales

Expert in-house team ($6-$8M/YR)

Vast Broker Network

Direct Client Network

Europe – Existent

Eurasia – Existent

North/South America – Existent

Asia – In process


Commission Structure payout is more efficient since in-house staff is entitled to larger draw while performance is monitored month to month



Our pillar in the investment process is the “Exit Strategy’:

If we do not have one, we do not invest. 

Fortis Groep professionals approach to real estate development is based on quantifiable, verifiable projections and returns - and being first to market whenever possible. 

Our goals differ from project to project, our strict policy of solid capitalization prior to setting anything in motion, always stays the same. 

Our competitive edge resides in our in-House financial experts:

  • Financing Engineering
  • Experts in banking relations
  • Relations to Financial Markets
  • In-House Risk Management


  • Our most valuable assets are our people
  • We employ Building Information Modeling for all our Projects
  • Design, Financing, Construction Management are all integrated in our mamagement model
  • We employ the most advanced construction optimizartion systems