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News & Events

Devin Longmore Joined Fortis Groep Worldwide

June 1, 2021 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep  is proud to announce that Mr.Devin Longmore is joing Fortis Groep  as Senior Vice-President for Business Development effective immediately

Ben Matteucci of Zima Marketing Joined Fortis Groep Worldwide

April 1, 2021 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep  is proud to announce that Mr.Ben Matteucci is joing Fortis Groep as an equity partner and as Manging Director for Marketing and Sales effective immediately

Jim Badzin of former Factory Motor Parts Inc. is joining Fortis Groep

May 21, 2019 -Dusseldorf, DE

Fortis Groep NV is proud to announce that Mr. Jim Badzin is joing Fortis Groep as an equity partner and as Manging Director for Ivestor Relations effective immediately

Fortis Groep Strategic Acquisition

As of January 15, 2016 Fortis Groep have managed to resolve a serious breaktrough in the development of sustainable high rises by acquiring high interest in American Energy Glass, a U.S. based company that manufactures electric energy producing glass.

Sustainable Structures and Fortis Groep

As of June 20, 2014 Fortis Groep of comapnies will ONLY develop structures  with the maximum level of sustainability 

Fortis Groep

New Offices Oppened 


As of February 26, 2014 we proudly announce the opening of our Dubai Office. Our Managing Director Mr. Ertan Bayar will manage the office and be in charge of all activities for the region. 


We proudly announce the opening of our Middle East and North Africa Headquarters in Istanbul. Our Managing Director Mr. Ertan Bayar will manage the office and be in charge of all activities for the region as well as Western Europe. 

New Strategic Partner Joins Fortis Groep

We proudly announce the Join Venture with Argas S.A. in Buenos Aires for the development of a 1,800 tons per day Municipal Solid Waste total processing plant. Construction is expected to begin in 2014.

SOFI Systems Joins Fortis Groep

Fortis Groep concludes the joint venture agreement with SOFI Systems, a BIM (Building Information Management) U.S. Based company. SOFI System is a high power, facility management system


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Our Professionals

Our many years of experience in managing various business functions are what makes us experts at meeting your needs.

 Alex Taranu - Managing Director


Thirty years experience in Real Estate  Development, Financial Engineering and Structuring, in RE Merchant Banking, Multi Currency Financing, Risk and Portfolio Management. Alex Taranu holds an MBA from University of Miami and a BA in Financial Economics from Florida International University



George Panarites - Managing Director Construction 

Forty years experience in RE Development, RE Merchant Banking, Deal Structuring, Financial Syndication and Management. George Panarites holds a MBA from Harvard College and a BA in Finance from NYU

Ben Matteucci, - Senior Vice President Marketing and Sales

Is the co-founder and CEO of ZIMA “a cutting edge marketing agency”. Growing up in Seattle, Ben developed a strong affinity towards technology and has applied that into the marketing strategy and leadership ZIMA provides for their clients. Ben started his career in door-to-door sales and financial planning before starting ZIMA in 2015. In 2020 Ben was Awarded The 30 under 30 award for his Success with Innovative Marketing Strategies. Ben has a passion for developing strong and meaningful relationships and strives to help his clients leverage online platforms and groundbreaking technology to drive meaningful engagements and sales


JJ Haberkorn - President of   Environmental Development

Thirty-five years experience in architecture, urban and regional planning, designing and construction project management including sustainability of construction materials and systems. South American Ambassador for the International Energy Green Council. Mr. Haberkorn has a BA in Architecture and a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from University of Florida


Devin Longmore - Senior Vice President Business Development 

A lifetime Entrepreneur created and developed businesses across many industry sectors for the last 35 years.   
In the last 14 years Devin has been a Managing Partner & Director of Operations for a Sustainable company in the textiles and overstock industry. 
Being a successful Certified Appraiser brings hands-on knowledge during the pre-development process in land and property valuation.

Luciano Pascu - Managing Director


Thirty years Executive experience RE Development, Engineering, Construction, Gaming, Entertainment and Hospitality .Mr. Pascu holds a Masters in Engineering from University of Bucharest.



 Ertan Bayar - Managing Director


Thirty five years experience in Executive Management, Finance, Engineering and Marketing and Business Development. Ertan Bayar holds an Engineering degree  from University of Munich and a Masters in Economics from London School of Economics.



Mr. Bogdan (Bob) Marinkovich - Senior Vice-President

Mr. Marinkovich is Civil Engineer graduated in the Universidad De Carabobo in Valencia, Venezuela with a Master in Civil and Computer Engineering. Bob has twenty-five years experience in engineering, project design and developments, BIM, optimal building operation systems and computer networks.



Valeria von Sperling - Senior Vice-President

Thirty years working with legal matters in Brazil and as a real estate broker in the US, experienced in public relations, real estate investments and financing, construction and business development. Valeria is multilingual and has several years of experience in the South Florida market commercial and residential properties and business opportunities.


Mr. Alejandro Lopez Bermudez - Vice-President


Mr. Lopez is an IT Systems Engineer graduated in the Universidad Tecnologica del Centro in Venezuela . Alejandro has twenty-five years experience Procurement and Logistics with extensive knowledge in hardware products, plumbing, electrical, and building materials sourcing, oriented to US and Latin America market.

Dragos Carp - Vice-President

Ten years experience in Light Gauge Steel construction, and all adjacent innovative solutions. Mr. Carp expertise spans from the procurement of LGS SYstems to the operation of manufacturing facility to the complete installation at construction site. Dragos Carp is a Masters graduate in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bucharest

Mylena Camargo - Vice-President

Twenty years experience in public relations with diplomatic and governmental entities, working directly with high level Officials in Brazil.

Mylena Camargo has a graduate degree in psycology and has worked at Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo for several years.